LL36: Tariko Satterfield

Tariko Satterfield is the Founder and CEO of ReaLifEmpire. Founded in 2010, ReaLifEmpire LLC. is a faith-based youth development company. The vision of ReaLifEmpire is to be the nations leading youth development embassy. They will nurture the development of today’s youth, and create youth that live life with purpose on purpose. They believe that they can provide the right environment consistently that will cause the incubation process to Enrich, Equip, Exemplify, and Excel their life goals. They plan to do this with life-changing messages, lessons, and instruction so that each individual can become who they were born to be. They cover everything in life with a partnership with parents, schools, churches, and community support.
“Riko” as we called him in high school wears many hats! He is a husband, father, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, personal trainer, preacher, and friend. Riko – thanks for joining me on the podcast my friend!

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